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Five Unique Rewards of Buying a Presale Condo:

  1. You Own a brand new condo as soon as it is built.
  2. You can have alterations made to your specifications ahead of time so you walk into your own color scheme, appliances, and fixtures.
  3. Protection Warranty - All presale construction receives BC’s 2-5-10 Year Home Warranty Insurance. This warranty does not begin until the building is complete and, in most cases, assures the investor low costs and low hassles for the duration of the warranty.
  4. You can secure a cost at the buy date, think of it as ‘freezing’ the current market price, this gives you the possibility to profit from a rising land market, without the monthly expense of a mortgage payment, property charges, and upkeep fees.
  5. Lower Upkeep Costs - New condominiums built by legitimate developers will not require exorbitant repairs or upkeep with respect to an owner/investor for an extensive period after finish. The same can’t generally be said for more seasoned structures.


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